Terms of service
Rules for participation

1. Good Motors Limited is officially registered in 2011 in the United Kingdom by Companies House registrant. Company's office is located at the following address: 39 Thorpe Lane, Austerlands, Oldham, England OL4 3QW. The following rules are of interaction between the administration of Good Motors investment project and participants (investors). These rules are binding on both parties.

2. Anyone can register an account and become an investor of the project, if he reached at least 18 years old. Good Motors investment project cooperates with participants from all over the world without any additional restrictions.

3. To join Good Motors investment project, each member must have his own personal account registered using @gmail.com.

4. Despite the fact that Good Motors investment project is sufficiently loyal to the user’s request to register multiple accounts, we strongly recommend not to use partnership links for that.

5. Participant has the right to have any number of deposits using one account.

6. Participant can independently determine the amount of the deposit based on a minimum requirement of $10.

7. Deposit and withdrawal of profits can be through Perfect Money, Payeer and Bitcoin as the only available payment method. The minimum withdrawal amount is $1 with no further limit.

8. Each investor has a right to get rate of profit according to current investment strategy. Deposit is non-refundable and included in hourly profits.

9. Participation in the affiliate program is available for each registered client regardless of whether he has an active deposit.

10. Good Motors investment project respects the privacy of each participant and uses his personal information for internal needs only. The company never sells such information and does not share with third parties. In exceptional cases, we share personal data according to the court (in the presence of a court order).

11. Good Motors investment project never requires or organizes any procedures for the identification of users.

12. Good Motors investment project undertakes to accept deposits, accrue profits and make payments in accordance with the current investment proposal.

13. Good Motors investment project reserves the right to change the terms of cooperation, add new or deactivate existing investment plans without affecting the interests of active investors.

14. Good Motors investment project has the right to terminate accounts if it has explicit or indirect evidence of fraud on the part of the participant.

15. Good Motors investment project has the right to refuse service to any participant with a mandatory reimbursement of his deposit.

16. Registration of a new participant implies that he has carefully read these rules and agrees to comply with them.

17. We are not tolerant of undeserved negative statements/reviews/comments about Good Motors company in the public space (online monitoring services, forums, blogs, etc.), so we urge you to refrain from such actions. If you have any problems within the investment project, first contact us!

18. Good Motors reserves the right to block user accounts that speak negatively about the investment project, spread panic or write slanderous things about us.

19. Good Motors Limited only has this investment project. The only channel of communication with clients of the company is www.good-motors.com.